Create a platform connecting experts across various disciplines, sharing an interest in different areas of microbiome research. 

Gather and disseminate knowledge about the microbiome and its functions from all research areas, as well as human and veterinary medicine.

Inform the professional community and public about the state-of-the-art findings in the field of microbiome research via newsletters, websites and/or educational seminars.. 

Improve health literacy and contribute to disease prevention by enabling access to up-to-date information. To encourage proactive approach to one’s own health.

Fight against disinformation and frequent misinterpretations of microbiome-related facts. .

Explain and interpret methods and results of microbiome analyses with particular focus on commercially available services offered to the public.

Contribute to primary care reform by formulating a set of common scientific outcomes for the benefit of MDs, as well as health insurance providers.

Foster cooperation with partner organizations.

Become a member of Czech Microbiome Society of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně!

(send email to Danka Eklova d.eklova@centrum.cz)